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Online Classical Dressage Training by Maria Cooke Equestrian

Looking to feel your horse light, engaged, supple, and balanced? 

Interested in learning how to develop a horse using classical dressage from anywhere in the world?

With the online program, you can learn the principles of classical dressage with me to improve your riding, supple and balance your horse and help it develop self-carriage, and quickly progress to more advanced movements once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. 

If you think dressage is boring – think again! Classical dressage gives you an in-depth understanding of the horse’s biomechanics, how to read each movement and the tendencies of each horse, and how to use training to create a feeling of balance and lightness like nothing else.

How it Works
  1. We’ll connect first about what you’re working on, and what you’d like to improve or experience more of with your horse or in your riding.
  2. Students send in short videos of themselves working with horses, from doing in-hand exercises to riding. If you have internet in your arena and bluetooth enabled ear pods or headphones, we can also connect via Skype for real-time feedback.
  3. I review the videos and send back detailed comments on what I see, with explanations for why things are happening, and what you can do to improve them. I’ll also include action items and exercises to help you put things into practice right away.
  4. Students practice what they’ve learned, and send in regular videos and questions to continue learning and progressing. 

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